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New-Dimensional Thought Technology

“Humans have a constant desire to know something or reach somewhere, whether we are aware of it or not. But has anyone ever truly achieved this?

We live in a system in which we cannot obtain what we truly desire. Why do we seem to face one problem after another? Why, despite trying so hard to get what we want and be happy, do we fail to do so? Why, once we think we have it, does it suddenly slip through our fingers? Because this is what we as humans are.”

Rossco shares a new system of human “software” that can be used by anyone to dismantle the conventional way of living and transcend the human program. The principal purpose in using this system is to initialize and regenerate humans.

Book video1: New-Dimensional Thought Technology by Rossco

Book video2: New-Dimensional Thought Technology

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New-Dimensional Thought Technology shows how Miross can be the ultimate measure of conscious evolution with the capacity to eliminate all problems and create a society of absolute peace.

ISBN 13 (HARD): 9781504365635

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