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New-Dimensional Reality – Vol. 15

The Answer is Always There in Front of You

This is the story of a married couple. The husband studied a lot because he thought that he had no talent and was not good at anything. In this way, he tried to make up for his sense of inferiority.

The wife was abused by her parents when she was a child, and so she left the family and started living alone when she was still a teenager. That’s their brief background.

The husband thought that his wife was very talented and he was jealous.  He wondered how he could find his talent and nurture it. Based on that thought, he kept looking. On the other hand, the wife thought her husband’s family were really nice people and are comfortable being around them. She was jealous that he had such a good family environment. What does this indicate?

As a matter of course, they do not realize that they identify with their own beliefs. By carefully listening to their inner voices, we can see the following keywords – the husband, talent and the wife, family. The husband said, “What? Did I want the family, not really the talent?” The wife said, “I was always seeking family love, but is it talent that I really wanted?”

When they came to these realizations, they were very surprised and utterly speechless. It was the moment that they realized that they can “feel” things inside of them. Your partner shows you your blind spots. The answer is in front of you. When you live your life consciously like that, you will be able to find your answers easily!