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“Rossco Back in Japan” Special Event

Live in Miross, held in September every year since 2008, will commemorate its 10th anniversary with a special event – “Rossco Back in Japan” on September 3 this year.

“Absolute peace on earth can only be achieved by ending the inner conflicts in each of us. Adults and children can be agents for change, regardless of sex, age, ethnic, social or cultural background. We now have technology that anyone can use to change the world. Finally, we can create a world without conflict. ”

In 2015, Rossco was given a special honorary award by Funkar Cultural Association of Kashmir in India in recognition for his contribution to peace (he was the first foreigner to receive it). His first book in English, New-Dimensional Thought Technology was published in the United States this year, and is available for sale throughout the world.

In July of this year, a special book launch event was held in Mumbai, India.
The organizer provided the following comments.

“Japan has led the world with so many innovative and revolutionary technologies. It is now time for Japan to lead the world with a completely new technology – a thought technology. The world is ready to embrace this technology of love.”

On September 3, Rossco, the creator of New-Dimensional Thought Technology Miross, will speak at a special annual event, Live in Miross – “Be the agent for change – you too can change the world ! ”

The answer for absolute peace and self-realization will be presented by the creator of New-Dimensional Thought Technology himself. On this day you will be convinced that this is the answer for everything.

■ Event Program

  • Video Presentation : the World of Miross
  • Rossco’s Presentation : “Be the agent for change. You too can change the world”.
  • Rossco’s Eyes : Rossco will give his analysis of the testimonials of people who have experienced miracles in their lives. This is New-Dimensional Know-How on relationships, business, emotional well-being, success and other areas.
  • Final Presentation : Talk by Rossco & Midori

*The program is subject to change

■ Time and Venue

Live in Miross 2017:

Kobe International Conference Center at Portopia Hotel


Ohwada Hall at Portopia Hotel

For further information, including tickets, please contact: info@rossco.jp