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Modern Guru Rossco Shares His Message of Absolute Peace at a Book Launching Event,in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

9th July 2017

Modern Guru Rossco Shares His Message of Absolute Peace at a Book Launching Event,in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

A book launching event for Rossco’s new book New-Dimensional Thought Technology was held in Mumbai, India on 9th July in 2017. The day happened to be Guru-Purnima, an auspicious day of full moon and is an important holiday in India to be celebrated in respect of gurus and spiritual masters.

Rossco, the founder and the president of Miross Institute in Japan, shared his message on absolute peace with a large audience of scholars, intellectuals, entrepreneurs, students and mass media at the event.

Rossco said, “With the world teetering on the verge of destruction despite the tremendous evolution of our civilization, we now have a chance to end conflict which has never been possible no matter how much we have tried for thousands of years.”

By following Miross, the system he offers in New-Dimensional Thought Technology, he said, “You end your inner conflicts, and this transforms others. To end your inner conflicts as well as those of others means that we can end any external conflicts or wars, as they actually are created through the accumulation of inner conflicts in each of us. It is therefore possible to bring about the absolute peace that humans have sought since the beginning of human history.”

Dr. Kanan Khatau Chittal, chief guest on the occasion, a performance coach and psychologist said, “The thought technology proposed by Miross is already recognized as that of the modern guru. We welcome his message of peace and it is most appropriate now as she feels that people across the world, including India, are in disarray, as they can’t see any solutions to ethnic, religious or self-destructive conflicts.

“Miross is not a religion or spiritual teaching but is a completely new thought technology – the technology of love,” she said. She also added that Miross will not only be beneficial for the general public at large but it will also act as a new tool and wisdom towards increasing employee productivity in the corporates and also in making children more productive and tap their potential in their lives.

One of Rossco’s disciples who worked for the United Nations for 20 years also shared his experiences at the event, and said that Miross is the ultimate means for peace – the answer that he sought his entire life and could never find even in the UN. He also said that in Japan there are already tens of thousands of people who have had miraculous and incredible experiences from applying Miross to their daily lives, specifically in the areas of finance, human relationships, and mental and physical health. There are also people who experience a domino effect of transformation of all the family members, friends at school or colleagues at work, even though only one of them practiced Miross. These testimonials prove the power of Miross.

Rossco concluded his presentation by saying, “I will continue to strive forward, hoping that each of us experiences transformation and becomes a force that will achieve conscious evolution at the level of humanity.”

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