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What is Miross?

Miross – New-Dimensional Thought Technology

Miross is a thought technology.

It is the technology of love, as it can help individuals heal and regain their true self while working to heal the whole of humanity. It isn’t merely a self-development or self-improvement tool.

You may be aware of the discovery of iPS cells, which was the discovery of a method that can regenerate cells. The iPS cell is employed to completely repair damaged internal organs. It is a revolutionary discovery by which human suffering can be ended in an instant. Miross, like iPS cells, is a practical application method that has power to initialize and regenerate the mind and the life of human beings. Since you can transcend the third-dimensional framework that humankind has been confined to for centuries, it’s also called New-Dimensional Thought Technology.

With its application, we therefore will be able to achieve peace in ourselves and for humanity – “absolute peace” that we humans have longed for but which has never been possible no matter how much we have tried since the beginning of human history.

Humanity stands at a critical juncture

When we look around ourselves and see what is happening in the world today, we cannot help but wonder what on earth is going on. People’s egos seem to have grown exponentially and beyond control and we, humans, are constantly engaged in conflicts, fighting and even the killing of each other. Every day we hear and encounter unbelievable news that casts doubt as to whether these horrific deeds have indeed been committed by human beings. Even if they are not seen as “inhuman”, we, at different levels of our lives, are faced with our own unique problems, be they problems with spouses, children, friends, colleagues at work, issues with money, or psychological/mental or physical health related problems. Our concerns, worries and sufferings even seem to become with time, a normal part of our lives.

We may ask ourselves why we continue to suffer or be troubled by these countless, never-ending problems. Why can’t we simply lead our lives in peace? Why does humankind continue to fight with each other and engage in wars? Why isn’t peace possible? Who is it that we are actually trying to fight? Who am I?

In this era of humankind, we are blessed with and benefit from the remarkable scientific and technological advancements as well as the invaluable wisdom endowed on us by the so-called saints or religious and spiritual leaders throughout human history. Why then haven’t we been able to free ourselves from such sufferings? Why do we continue to live in a chaotic and tumultuous world? Everywhere it seems that division and isolation are becoming more apparent rather than unity. Antagonism and conflicts are dominating society rather than harmony. Yet, we don’t seem to know what to do and are wandering in confusion without knowing what the “real problems” are.

Civilization indeed seems to be reaching a deadlock and it appears to be on the point of dissolution. Humanity stands at a crossroads and the time has come for us to truly awaken and realize that we cannot end human suffering or bring about true peace with existing or conventional approaches, no matter how much we try.

Miross – the Answer

New Dimensional Thought Technology – Miross has been able to clarify the mechanisms of the third-dimensional world by demystifying traps that we have fallen into – the origin of all the problems that we face.

It is time for us to know the truth of the world and open up a path leading to inner personal peace and following that, the world of absolute peace. We can achieve this with the application of New Dimensional Thought Technology – Miross.

In the book New Dimensional Thought Technology, the author Rossco explains the application of Miross.

“Directing consciousness toward an object is a state in which the vector (of your consciousness) is directed toward the other party. This act itself already means division”; it is the world of “you and I are different.” When you bring the vector back toward yourself, this is the beginning of fusion: “You and I are the same.” This is the key to the application of Miross. Through this application, the fusion of the two opposite polarities within you – namely, maleness and femaleness – takes place and inner balance (inner peace) is achieved. I call this marriage balance.”

Absolute Peace – Beyond the Threshold of Humanity

Through Miross, you can demystify the traps you have fallen into, and with its application, you can free yourself from any problems that you are facing. This means we are now able to transcend the third-dimensional human program and live freely. The essence of Miross is to discover yourself, to experience true love and to liberate yourself in the true sense of the word.

Each and every one of us are able to experience inner balance and peace and the world will achieve absolute peace which we have long pursued. A new civilization of humanity will then emerge beyond the threshold of humanity.