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New-Dimensional Reality – Vol. 9

Trauma healed by using the Miross system

Many people live challenging lives due to past trauma. Today’s story is about a woman who was able to completely get over her trauma and thus transformed her life.

Ms. A was a victim of sexual abuse when she was a child and her younger sister also had the same experience. Men to her were evil but she was more upset that she had not been able to protect her sister from the abuse rather than from her own trauma. She felt tremendously guilty and lived only for the sake of her sister. After all she got married, and one thing she started doing was to take care of her husband’s younger sister. She gave birth to her daughter whom she became extremely protective of as she did not want the same traumatic experience. She took a job taking care of women’s body and mind. She always worked towards healing women. All the while, she was not aware that she was controlled by her past trauma, and from time to time she felt her emotions overflow and had flashbacks from the past.

Eventually, she encountered Miross and worked on finding thought and behavioral patterns that she was unconsciously repeating and kept letting go of emotions which she suppressed. After a while, she felt her extreme emotions dissipate. And she was able to clearly see the traps that she was caught in by applying hers and others’ experiences to the Miross system.

She discovered that what she was trying to do in the outside world, be it for her family or through her work, all that was actually to heal her own inner mental and emotional wounds. By doing so, she had ended up being more tightly bound with the trauma and was totally caught up with the suffering. However when she became aware of this, her actions and behavior changed automatically.

And before she knew, the difficult memory of the past was gone. When she was free of the trauma which kept her suffering, her younger sister and family started to change. Following are some changes she experienced:

– Her sister had a huge debt, but she was able to sell her house and pay off the debt.
– Her daughter had skin disorder but it rapidly healed.
– When she did not feel a sense of guilt towards her younger sister, she also became free of the belief that she should not be more successful than her husband. Then she started receiving large business offers on a regular basis.
– As a female caretaker, she started encountering men who wanted to do the same and asked her to help them learn how to do that. Through this experience she felt she was able to accept men truly for the first time.

Because she stopped taking action based on anxiety and fear from that trauma, everything changed automatically. Men used to be evil to her, but men in the world she sees now are like angels who are loving and compassionate towards women. She herself was amazed to see her own transformation.

Now her life is full of peace.