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New-Dimensional Reality – Vol. 8

A relationship that was a reflection of relationship with father

There is a woman (Ms. T) who says that she cannot stop being angry with people.
When I listened to what she had to say, her voice expressed her strong irritation, “I was betrayed, I have trouble forgiving!!”

By demystifying her life by using the Miross system, it became clear that this is her pattern in interpersonal relationships.

When she took a look at the anger and negative emotions she felt toward other people by applying it to the Miross system, she realized that she always doubts if she can trust the people whom she meets and unconsciously looks for such qualities from their behaviors.

When she feels betrayed, she instantly feels anger and loses control. In fact, the sense of resistance we feel in interpersonal relationships are generally the same as what we felt from our parents in childhood. Her case was the same and what she was feeling toward the other person was exactly the same as what she had felt about her father as a child. She came to understand that she was angry when she felt betrayed because she was re-experiencing the sadness, anger, and sense of loss she had felt towards her father.

Through the Miross system, she was able to know that it was actually not that her father had betrayed her, but that she had felt her own sense of self-doubt (= betrayal to the self) in her relationship with her father. When she came to this realization, her uncontrollable intense anger miraculously vanished. From that anger that exploded in her interpersonal relationships, she was able to unravel her relationship with her father, and also was able to identify the tricks of her own unconsciousness that causes trouble. Furthermore, she was able to free herself of the misunderstanding about her father and know that her unconscious belief toward him caused issues.

The father figure is a symbol of the male aspect in each of us, and it affects our social roles and financial aspects in life.

On the day her perception toward father dramatically changed, she unexpectedly received a huge amount of money. With the Miross system, this was no accident.