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New-Dimensional Reality – Vol. 7

Break free from self-sacrifice

Today’s story is about a woman who always tried to avoid being disliked by others.
Many people may sympathize with her.

Most people tend to wonder how to avoid being disliked by others. We think that it is natural to conform to others, because we believe this is the way to have harmonious relationships. But, please think carefully. This means that we suppress our feelings and sacrifice ourselves. How can we get out of this pattern?

Now let’s get back to the story about the woman. After learning the system of Miross, she decided to carefully observe how she feels towards her husband. She felt that he freely expressed and acted just as he wanted. She found that it is exactly the reflection of her unconsciousness. She suppressed what she wanted to say and it reversed and appeared in reality. This is the mechanism of this world.

By understanding what she suppressed (her unconsciousness), she then became able to express herself to the husband, and things started going for the better, just as she desired. Additionally, the writing her daughter did was selected at the prefectural level essay contest and then won a national prize! Her daughter expressed herself freely and wrote things as she genuinely felt.

When you change, things around you change also. The key is to realize how much you have lived based on how others think of you and how much you sacrificed yourself. You may end up being disliked by others in spite of sacrificing yourself and conforming. Then, how can we have good interpersonal relationships? The answer is not to blame others but to view it as a reflection of your unconsciousness.
This is the only way, because the relationship with the self is everything.