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New-Dimensional Reality – Vol. 6

The business does extremely well

(Trusting the relationship with the self)

Today, let us share a miraculous experience of a business owner.

In the past, he tried to increase sales by motivating and encouraging his employees. When he discovered Miross, he learned that the words he conveys to his employees (other people) are actually important messages that he himself needs. During his New Year’s speech, he carefully listened to the words he was communicating to his employees.

And when he determined that he would apply this new thought technology (Miross) to his business, his company got a major deal valued at tens of millions!

As a business owner, he had pondered over many things, tried new things, and gone through hardships, but he learned that everything he experienced was an illusion created by his own thoughts (worries and fears). By understanding such thoughts and knowing his true self, he was able to build a trusting relationship with the self. As result, everything started going well and he started hearing the voice of his true self, which enabled him to find himself. He no longer felt lost with things he does.

“There is no ‘other person’ in this world. Everything in this world is a reflection of yourself”. That is the solid understanding he developed through the Miross system. And he has been attracting extremely large transactions! This is the benefit of trusting the relationship with the self.