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New-Dimensional Reality – Vol. 5

I actually craved “instability” instead of “stability”?!

Today’s story is about a housewife (Ms. N) whose life perked up with no effort after discovering the unconscious belief that was holding back her life.

Her husband lost his job and they faced a financial crisis.

It is her second marriage and she had also experienced financial difficulties during the previous marriage.

After divorcing her first husband who was not reliable, she met another man who is the president of a company and married him.

She thought that she would be financially secure at last, but she ended up having the same financial issues.

“How come this keeps happening to me!?”

It was no use to blame the husband or her own life.

In order to face those issues, she chose to seek the “true cause” by using Miross.

Through Miross, she learned the “principle of mirrors and Mobius (the trap of reversal)” that is the mechanism of the world and that one’s unconsciousness manifests as various phenomena in external reality. When she applied that mechanism to her life experiences, she was able to see the truth, and she was totally amazed!

Her father had a job with regular income.  Because of this, her family did not have any financial issues.

However, she regarded her father’s life as “very boring”, and made an unconscious connection of the thought, “being stable is boring”.

“I can’t believe that it was myself who hated stability!”

It was quite a shock to her, but it was obvious that her life had kept flipping between instability and stability.

She learned the cause of this repeated pattern of stability and instability.

When she accepted it by saying, “I see what was going on”, her life reset.

Until then, she used to think that her husband was responsible for everything, but her internal conflict disappeared and she felt a sense of peace upon understanding that it was her unconsciousness that caused all the trouble.

After that realization, her husband started having major deals on a regular basis!

Ms. N experienced the enormous power of unconsciousness which rules our lives but it can change by understanding it through Miross.

Through the application of Miross, your life can make a dramatic change automatically by uncovering unconsciousness which has overwhelming power over the conscious!