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New-Dimensional Reality – Vol. 3

A boss who does not fulfill his role

A role as a mother

A role as an elder sister

A role as a woman

A role within the family

A role in a job

Everyone has “a role” in any relationship.

Today’s story is about a woman who realized and acknowledged her own fixed beliefs about “roles” through a relationship with her boss.

She always thought that people (including herself) should act in certain ways according to the roles she had defined based on her fixed beliefs.

As for her boss, she was always angry at him when he did not carry out his role (as she defined) as a boss. She carefully observed her own fixed beliefs on “roles” from the emotions she felt toward her boss.

She analyzed every kind of role related fixations.

She kept identifying and acknowledging “a sense of guilt that came from the fact that she cannot fulfill those roles”.

Then one day, her boss came to her and said, “You can do whatever you want to do without any budgetary limitations.”

This was the result of her realizations about fixed beliefs on “roles”, and she became free of her roles.

It was a miracle.

Do you have fixed beliefs about roles that people should play?

Miross is a practical system that helps you to find out what you suppress in daily life and then makes miracles happen.