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New-Dimensional Reality – Vol. 2

The Trap of Child-rearing

Today’s story is about a mother who struggled with her son’s mental illness.  When Miross helped her discover that she was in a certain trap, there was an obvious change in her son.

The number of people, from children to adults, who suffer from mental illness has been increasing every year.  The causes and cures of such illnesses are not still clear completely, and it has become a big issue of modern society.

Today’s story may provide fresh perspectives to people who have been trying to cure such illnesses.

There was a woman who was very religious for many years in the hope of saving her son who was diagnosed with a mental illness. She felt a sense of guilt and blamed herself because she thought that she was responsible for his illness.  She thought that she needed to erase the negativity inside of herself and kept praying. And she felt that she did not deserve to be happy because her son was suffering, and so she kept putting herself last in everything.  But there was no sign of her son’s recovery. Because of this situation, she did not have a good relationship with her husband, who has been transferred for his job and was living without the rest of the family.

One day, she came across Miross. The teacher said, “You don’t have to try to cure the illness.”

She thought, “What !?  Why?  What does this mean?!”

She felt shocked by this word, and got intrigued by Miross as a result. Then she realized that she was in a certain trap. She discovered that it was actually her who was suffering from a mental illness.

It meant that she always sacrificed herself, did not value her true self, could not love herself, and did not think she deserved to be loved. She saw her own self in her son, and it was actually her own self whom she was trying to save. She thought, “I see, such tricks exist in this world….” After she understood this, she was truly relieved. She felt her physical body grow lighter and she soon was able to smile often.  That day her behavior changed.

She started paying attention to herself and enjoying life, including dressing up and eating the foods she liked. After that, her son started to change. He began sharing his feelings and his facial color improved and his expressions became cheerful.

When she realized that there is a positive impact on her son when she truly enjoyed herself, she was able to stop practicing her religion which she could not do so for many years.  And she decided to move and live with her husband!

She is happy ever after!