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New-Dimensional Reality – Vol. 13

The Thought Pattern of “Being Indecisive”

When you choose A, you disregard option B. Do you ever feel torn between two options because you do not want to lose either one? But often you end up feeling regret, regardless of your choice. It is difficult to make a decision when there are two options, isn’t it?

Today’s story is about a woman who discovered a pattern she had been totally unaware of and who then experienced a dramatic transformation.

She had a cat who was seriously ill and did not have much time left.  She wanted to stay with the cat, but she could not quit her job, because she would not have been able to pay the medical expenses for the cat if she did. Her job was hard and physically challenging, so she wanted to quit but could not. She thought, “What should I do?” She had a dilemma, and she could not decide. This same pattern presented itself in many situations in her life.

One day, she came to a realization while practicing Miross. “That was my own creation!!  I kept producing situations which caused the dilemmas!” After that realization, a magical thing happened.

She found herself in receipt of a million dollars of extra income and was able to quit her job, and stay with her cat all the time!

“What do I want to do?” That is the recipe for a happy life. If you continue to worry, you create a life full of worry. Your external reality is just a mirror of your unconsciousness and internal attitudes.

Because you keep worrying, there will be no end to things that make you worry. If you do not worry, then your world will be free of worry. This world is that simple!