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New-Dimensional Reality – Vol. 12

Redirect what you feel from others inwards

Miross is about knowing “the self”. By knowing yourself, true self manifestation is achieved.

How much, then, do people know about the self? When a man attended a Miross class, the teacher asked, “Mr. K, how do you feel about your wife?” At that time, Mr. K’s wife was asking him for a divorce.

Mr. K replied, “Well, I feel that she is cold”.

Teacher said, “I see. Now, how do you feel about yourself? Do you think that you are gentle and kind to others, or cold?” Mr. K believed that he was kind to others and relatively sociable, and he answered, “Yes, I think I am.” When the teacher asked him the following question, he stopped, because he could not really understand the meaning of the question. “Well, then, are you gentle and kind to yourself? Or cold?” Mr. K asked, “To myself???”

He had never brought what he felt toward others back to himself so he did not understand the question and fell silent. Then, the teacher said, “All right, it may be difficult to understand. How about putting it in this way – do you ever think, ‘I am not OK as I am’ or ‘things are not good as they are now’?”

Mr. K had studied so many different things before he encountered Miross. According to him, he made tremendous efforts for his family and the company he works for.

He always tried to improve himself, but under such high aspirations, he had issues. He had worked so hard because he thought, “I am no good as I am.” He thus answered to the teacher, “Right, I just don’t think I am good.” To his answer, the teacher replied with a sigh… “You are cold (to yourself).”

The coldness he felt from the wife actually existed in himself. Mr. K learned as real experience that “what you feel from another person is what you are doing to yourself.” How you view yourself or feel about yourself is all reflected in the external world. In this way, we are able to learn about the “true self” through the Miross system. You have not known or realized your “true self” yet.