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New-Dimensional Reality – Vol. 11

The problem was self created!?

Today’s story is about a woman in her 70’s who had a life changing experience after attending a Miross seminar.

Her husband passed away five years ago. She has a son who lives in her neighborhood. Her son has always been bad with money. He spent a lot of money on Japanese pinball games (a kind of gambling), got his parents involved in his financial troubles, and he went to his parents when he ran out of money to eat. She used to think that he was very troubled because of it.

One day, her son went on a business trip for one month. Right after he left for the trip, she stopped preparing meals or doing anything. She was very surprised with this change of her own behavior. At that point, she realized that her son actually meant a lot to her. She felt a sense of gratitude. She became aware that she just wanted her son to be around. She also realized that what she used to regard as problems were just fixed beliefs, and he was actually supporting and protecting her by being problematic.  She thus understood that she had a co-dependent relationship with her son.

Thus, it became clear to her that she was the person who was creating all of the problems. Through this experience, all the problems ceased to exist.  Now she looks forward to her son coming home.