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New-Dimensional Reality – Vol. 10

A Habit of “Saying”

Do you have habit of saying something?

We searched “habit of saying” on the internet, and got much information.

It was quite interesting.  For fun, let us share some of it.

They are based on psychology:

Those who have a habit of saying, “should” … have a strong sense of responsibility

Those who have a habit of saying, “It is OK. No problem” … are irresponsible

Those who have a habit of saying, “In short” or “In summary” … are lazy

Those who have a habit of saying, “I see” “You have a point” … are a pacifist

Can you relate to any of these?

However! Everyone!  Do you know that there is a hidden secret in your speech habits?

Today’s story is about Ms. S, who realized through Miross system that her own habit of speaking created certain patterns in her life.

During a class at Miross Academy, a teacher asked Ms. S the following question. “What is your habit of saying?” She could not come up with any at that moment.  She asked her daughter after she got home. Probably every one of you may not be able to come up with any when asked suddenly, do you?

That is because most of speech habits of are voiced unconsciously.

Anyway, Ms. S asked her daughter.  “What do you think is my speech habit?” The daughter replied, “Well, it is ‘do it quickly!’ maybe.” At that reply, Ms. S gave a bitter laugh.

Probably there are many readers who thought, “Oh, I also tend to say that…”

Ms. S’s daughter was her own mirror (reflection of her unconsciousness), and she unraveled her own pattern. She dislikes people who do not have good sense of time, including those who do chronically late.  It is absolutely unacceptable for her to keep others waiting. She always arrives earlier than expected, and this behavior is more pronounced when it comes to work. Because of this pattern, she always felt that she was bound by time and feeling rushed. On top of that, her speech habit only intensified that pattern. She realized that she had repeated that behavior.

You can never see through patterns without obtaining the viewpoint of Miross. Ms. S was able to free herself from the pattern of “being bound by time” by having a view of her entire life.  Now she leads her life in a relaxed manner.

Those who say “there is no time”, actually intensifies the patterns of that person and their life, who never have sufficient time. And those who have the habit of saying “I do not have money”, this phrase intensifies the pattern of that person and their life of not having enough money.

Do you have a habit of saying something? Why not change your life from unconscious living to the life of living consciously by using Miross?