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New-Dimensional Reality – Vol. 1

Your world changes when your perception changes !

A man comes up an idea “I will buy flowers for my wife!”, and he starts to see flowers everywhere he goes.  After his wife gets pregnant, he sees pregnant women everywhere.  A person sees a car and thinks, “That car is so cool!”, then s/he notices the same type of car over and over again….  Have you ever had any of these experiences? Yes, the world you see changes when your perception changes!

We have a story of a lady.

Since she was young, she grew up seeing that her parents were on bad terms and quarreled all the time. Our parents are the most powerful model of marriage we see in life. It is only natural that she lost hope in having a happy marriage after observing her parents. She concluded, “It is better not to get married”. By using her parents as a bad example, she chose the path of no marriage.

Because of this, when her friends got married, she often wondered, “Why do they dare to get married?”

“Why do people get married?” “What is the meaning of marriage?” “What is the true marriage?” And her questions gradually turned into a quest to find “a true marriage”.

Then she encountered Miross and learned about the world of opposite polarities

Opposite polarities means everything in this world exists in pair.

Plus and minus

Front and back

War and peace

Birth and death

Man and woman

Everything exists in pairs…

When she was told,

“You cannot exist alone.  You exist in a pair!”

She just acknowledged by saying, “Oh, I see!” and simply accepted “my partner exists”.

And right after that, she met a handsome guy who proposed, and they got married in a very short time!

What she did was one only thing; shifted her perception of “I will never get married!” to “there is a partner for me!” The world changes when you change your perception!