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Magic of Miross – Part1

The Effects of Miross – Are they miracles?

Miracles are usually attributed only to divine beings such as saints or so-called spiritual masters. Some people may experience them through faith, prayer or special rituals, but for ordinary people, miracles are considered very rare and special phenomena.

We would like to share some testimonials of those who experienced miracles in their daily lives as a result of simply applying Miross. Many have had miracle-like experiences through which their lives have been completely turned around even after hitting rock-bottom – for some, even coming to the point of suicide. Some have experienced a domino effect of transformations of family members and friends simply after just one of them attaining a certain awareness through Miross. There are people who even indicate that what they see now is so completely different that it seems like they are in totally different world or even planet. Such miracles are possible and real, and you too can experience them. Here are some testimonials among thousands that we have seen.

Ms. Yuko.Shibata – a chiropractor and mother of 2 children

– Her mother committed suicide because of a mental illness.
– Her sister suffered from an eating disorder, repeating anorexia and overeating for many years.
– She herself was hospitalized because of a mental illness when she was young.
– Her husband suffered from alcoholic addiction and dependence on pharmaceutical drugs to alleviate his mental illness. His actions of domestic violence were so severe that a protection order was issued to safeguard her and her children. His domestic violence issues lasted for 10 years.

After the application of Miross, she now leads an extremely happy life with her two children.

Ms. Nami Shinada, a mother of 4, a seminar instructor

– She was sexually abused by her father as a child and was raped by her teacher in high school.
– She suffered from an eating disorder, drug/alcohol addiction, depression for many years and tried to commit suicide multiple times.
– She suffered from domestic violence by her husband who also was a drug addict for several years. They got married and divorced twice. Several times she ran away from him to protect herself and her children. Her children were also experiencing bullying in school.
– Once, her addiction to alcohol was so severe that she was locked in the most infamous rehabilitation facility in Japan for a few years.

After knowing Miross, she changed drastically as if she was reborn and got remarried to the same man for the third time. She and her husband who also practiced Miross are now very happily married, as both of them are completely out of any addiction that they used to suffer from.

Ø Mr. Kenichi Fujii, a driver, Fukuoka, Japan,

– For ten years or so, he was living like a zombie; being indifferent in everything, feeling despair, a resistance to live, as well as sense of guilt for the fact that he was born into this world, etc.
– He then found himself looking into “the easiest ways to commit suicide” on the Internet not eating, not taking bath nor brushing his teeth or basically doing nothing at all for a few weeks. He was obsessed with a desire to commit suicide.
– In his family, there is a similar history – his father tried to commit suicide when he was a child.
– His uncle too has tried to commit suicide several times.

He then got to know Miross. He now is completely revitalized and living happily, as if his life itself was initialized like that of a computer.

Ms. Hiroko Shimabukuro, Nursery School Teacher

– She was always an over-sensitive person since her childhood. Rainy days and even dusk were making her sad and uncomfortable and she did not know how to deal with them.
– She could not get rid of her fears and insecurity (even as an adult) no matter how hard she tried.
– She also faced the death of her mother, her father’s problems with women and money (a huge amount of debt that he had accumulated), worsening relationships with her brothers and sisters, severe sickness, and the worst of all, an act of betrayal by her best friend of many years, that she had trusted the most.
– She finally reached the limit and tried to hang herself. But she was rescued before losing her life, as her friend found out in time to be able to save her life.
– Though her life was saved, her quality of life after that was even worse, as she had to go through excruciating treatments in various mental hospitals.
– She also became so violent with fits of rage and anger that people were worried she would harm other people around her, even before harming herself.

Then she encountered Miross. She was very suspicious and skeptical first, but she decided to try it anyway. She attended a course and her life went through a metamorphosis. One morning, she noticed that the world she saw had completely changed. She now lives in complete peace of mind or as she says, “absolute peace of mind.” She continues to experience other miracle-like phenomena to this day and is as happy as ever and enjoying her work as a nursery teacher.

Ms. Michiyo Sunahara, a therapist

Her life was full of curses:

– She was severely abused by her mother – sometimes to the extent that the tennis racket her mother used to beat her with was broken. Her mother suffered from depression and later committed suicide.
– Her sister had cerebral palsy and died at a young age.
– She was constantly bullied throughout her school years being called “the ugliest girl” in school.
– Her uncle was an alcohol addict.
– Her grandmother was considered “crazy.” (though it was never known exactly what she suffered from).
– She married twice and divorced twice. In both of the marriages, she suffered from severe domestic violence. In fact both of her husbands had schizophrenia. She only found out after she got married.
– Before these two marriages, she was actually engaged to another man, but right before the wedding it was canceled as he found out her back ground. He thought her family was cursed.
– She was swindled by people close to her and because of this, she lost about $200,000.
– She lost 3 of her best friends to cancer.
– She developed a cystic tumor of the ovary twice and had 2 operations.
– Later it was identified as a type of cancer and she again had to have an operation.
– As you can see, her life was such chaos on many levels, money, health, human relationships, etc.

After she encountered Miross, she was transformed into the happiest woman (as she describes herself). She now is 48 years old, and has become so attractive (once called “the ugliest girl in school) that she is constantly being approached by young men. She now does what she likes (like dancing) and through such hobbies, she earns so much more money than normal people that there is no need for her to work. She is now becoming a famous dancer.

She feels like she is not only being reborn but also has been able to eradicate all these curses that have run in her family.