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New-Dimensional Thought Technology

Even if life has been going well, everything gets turned around, and inevitably, we are unable to live the way we want. But we needn’t remain stuck in the world of reversal. Once we recognize this, we can escape it.

In New-Dimensional Thought Technology, author Rossco presents a system that makes it possible to fundamentally alter human living, thereby revealing the origin of the true self and the essence of the problem. It’s about making a transformational change that is akin to being reborn within our own lifetimes.

Rossco shares the discovery of the Miross system and its practical application whereby a human can go back to the life source and consciously formulate a new life by performing a complete reset. This allows both adults, who have already experienced life’s twists and turns, and especially children, whose lives are still uncomplicated, to directly awaken their individual abilities.

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